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The Perfect 10!

Dear friends,
For those of you that know me, you must have uessed I'm NOT talking about my dress size! :-)... You see, this month, June, is the 10th year birthday of AcrossLimits, so finally the baby company that was so cute in 2001 is now an independent kid that's knows its own mind and although sometimes capricious, is starting to mature!
Thanks to all of you that made this possible - business partners, employees past and present, suppliers and of course clients! We literally would not be here without you!
My original ideal of doing a big bash has been shelved for a while ... as you can guess I was not so much in a party mode recently (and thanks to the avalanche of emails after the last newsletter!), however do not despair... we'll find the right time to celebrate together some day soon!
This months' articles talk about our life long learning project STAR (training in dementia care), a visit of 10 Maltese teachers to Dublinthanks to ESTABLISH and a little anecdote from our AL travel diary. We also congratulate one of our past participants in our eLearning courses as he won a prize based on his experience with us in Malta.
Wishing you all a great start to summer!
Take care,

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I think there is no harm to  share with you some interesting .... tools.
Thank you ,Silvia ,for this one !

This one is very interesting too. Thank you ,Zaid !

Let's see another one ! Thank  you , Jane !It was a great inspiration for me !